How to take care of the skin in the eye area? DIY under-eye creams

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and susceptible to irritation. It is very important to take a proper care of it, use suitably selected cosmetics and do not expose it to damages unnecessarily. If you want to take care of this part of the face in a natural way, try out the creams that you can prepare yourself in the comfort of your own home.

What is harmful to your skin?

There are many factors that affect worsening of the skin around the eyes. The most common are:

  • not enough sleep and problems with falling asleep,
  • working at the computer or late at night,
  • inappropriate care and lack of suitable hygiene,
  • external factors (air pollution, free radicals),
  • diet is low in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids,
  • alcohol consumption and smoking,
  • working in air-conditioned rooms.

How do these factors affect the skin around the eyes? They contribute to the formation of wrinkles, swellings and bruising, the skin loses its natural and healthy colour, the eyelid can become swollen and thus hooded, and the eyelashes might start falling out.

Cosmetics suitable for the care of the skin around the eyes

If pharmacy and drugstores cosmetics have failed, this is the last resort of help. Prepare skin care creams yourself. Use natural ingredients and those found in herbal stores or semi-finished products.

1. Nourishing and moisturising cream 

To prepare the cream, use a teaspoon of Shea butter, two vitamin E capsules, ten drops of coconut oil, argan oil or macadamia. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and store the finished product in the refrigerator. Such a cream has a nutritional, moisturizing, protective and firming effect. Apply it to the cleansed skin around the eyes; repeat the application every evening.

2. Swelling relieving cream 

To prepare this cosmetic you will need: two tablespoons of sweet almond oil, a spoon of Shea butter, a spoonful of green tea leaves, three capsules of vitamin E. Heat oil, butter and vitamin E in a water bath then add green tea leaves and leave aside for about 30 minutes. Pour the cooled down mixture through a sieve and place it in the fridge.

3. Anti-fatigue cream

Prepare the following ingredients: 1/4 cup coconut oil, a teaspoon of Shea butter, three capsules of vitamin E and 1/3 cup of coffee macerate. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and place them in the previously prepared container. Put in the fridge and wait a moment until the cream thickens. Use it every evening after cleansing the skin around the eyes.

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