The Secrets of Perfect Shots. How to Get Yourself Ready for Photo Session?

A high quality camera isn’t enough if you want to shoot a perfect portrait. The most important is the model, and she must be well-prepared for the photo session. What should be done to help your complexion gain healthy radiance and make the tedious post-editing almost unnecessary?

If it was possible for anyone to make a good photo session just like that, everyone could be a photographer. Taking a camera from a case and pressing the shutter button isn’t enough when a model has, for example, so-called bad hair day. How to make yourself ready so as to look gorgeous in the photos?

The Basic Photoshoot Rules for Models:

  1. The most important is rest. It’s almost impossible to look good in a photo if we aren’t well-rested and if we had a sleepless night. Eyes lose their shine, dark circles appear under eyes along with puffiness that deprives our face from youthful look and vitality. This means that the first rule of preparing for a photoshoot says: get enough sleep!
  2. Definitely, the woman’s charm is boosted if her hair is beautiful and neat. No matter if you have to tie the hair or not, it always has to be fresh and full of shine. Damaged strands won’t look good in any shot. Quite a good solution in this case can be the use of a hair oil that will help you regenerate the hair (applied a few times before the photoshoot) or make hair soft and glossy (if applied in a few hours before the photoshoot). It’s simple!
  3. What’s the most important in a portrait? Naturally, the eyes! After all, they attract attention and are the key face element, for the photographer especially. Make-up can help bring the eyes out, therefore it’s suggested applying some neat eye make-up before the photo session. However, if the photos are supposed to look natural, heavy make-up might ruin the conception. Therefore, it’s better to start using an eyelash growth serum in a few weeks before the session. A good lash enhancer is going to accentuate the beautiful eye frame made of thick and long eyelashes. Now, it’s the task of a photographer has to capture this.
  4. The make-up is crucial, indeed. Not without a reason many photographers frequently work with make-up artists. Luckily, you can apply your own photo make-up as well. Just prepare: a mascara and either a foundation or BB cream. However, the most important is a powder that will deal with the shining complexion. Without a good powder, your T-zone is going to look even worse in the photos than in the reality. A high quality camera and lenses make all skin imperfection even more visible.

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