How to make you face and body ready for Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

Begin the preparations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve on the same day in the morning. Why? To let your skin regenerate before evening. It is advised to freshen up the face, eliminate dark circles under eyes, and make skin ready for the upcoming colourful cosmetics. Cleanse your face with a toner right after waking up, and then apply a light face cream that answers your skin needs. You can also apply an under eye cream or collagen pads, that eliminate all signs of bad night’s sleep as well as morning skin fatigue. As a last resort, prepare a chamomile infusion. Damp cotton pads with the infusion, put them on eyes and hold them for several minutes.

Make-up should be done right before Christmas Eve feast or before New Year’s Eve party. By the time you put on all the colour cosmetics, apply several care products first. Start with covering your face with either a moisturising cream or a BB cream. What is more, it is a good idea to smooth skin under eyes with a cooling roll-on cream. You can use your fingertips as well, and just pat into a cosmetic of the dark circles and swellings reducing properties. After that, move a little bit lower and coat your lips with a lip firming serum. Face skin, in turn, can be moisturised with an oil that contains moisturising features.

Apply similar beautifying treatments on your body. Start this important day from a shower using an energizing shower gel. You can also benefit from a body scrub. Do not forget to apply a moisturizing body balm afterwards. Thanks to these treatments, your body skin will become smoother, healthier and soft to the touch. What is more, it will be easier to apply a self-tanning cream or a highlighter that complements your New Year’s Eve party dress.

The last thing to take care of is body firming. The best moment to do it is before applying make-up and putting on a Christmas costume. Start from applying a moisturizing balm on body skin. Focus also on cleavage and neck. Basically, you can cover these parts of the body with a highlighting mask. The golden rule states that cosmetics should be put on starting from lower limbs and then distributed upwards, heading towards the heart. In such a way, you will stimulate blood circulation and make your body skin firm. At the end, spray the body with a mist or apply an essential oil of your favourite fragrance.

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