You Weren’t Aware of This! Hybrid Manicure Can Destroy Nails!

It can’t be denied, hybrid manicure is a very popular method of decorating nails. But did you know that if applied improperly it can damage your finger plate? Learn what should be done in order to deal with this problem, how to take care of nails after removing the hybrid manicure and how long should the intervals between nail painting last?

Does Hybrid Manicure Really Damage Nail Plate?

It depends on many factors. If you have hard, strong and healthy nails without white marks and ruggedness, nothing bad should happen to them after the procedure. Go ahead and have the hybrid manicure done, yet remember to make the intervals between sessions long enough. However, if your nails are matte, soft, break easily and their surface isn’t smooth, and to make the matters even worse, if you notice discolorations on them then you shouldn’t wear hybrid manicure. Limit yourself to applying a transparent and vitamin nail conditioner. Moreover, the fact whether hybrid manicure will badly influence your fingernails also depends on the quality of products used and the skills of a beautician. Currently, there are available special manicure hybrids base coats. They contain silk proteins, oils and vitamins. They counteract fingernail damages, strengthen nails and take care of the cuticles. Furthermore, of great importance is also the nail matting problem. To demonstrate, if a beautician used an emery board of coarse grains, the fingernail plate can become severely damaged. Through the dimples the chemical substances, a nail polish is made of, get inside the fingernail and, as a consequence, the inner structures of nails will be exposed to damages.

How to Apply and Remove Hybrid Manicure the Right Way?

Before a beautician applies hybrid manicure, she has to access the state and condition of the nails. If they are hard and don’t split, get ready because in a moment you will enjoy wearing beautiful and colourful nails. It’s also important to realize that the process of getting a fingernail plate ready for the procedure is also crucial; cuticle removal, filing, cleansing and degreasing – all of these must take place before having hybrid manicure done. Also, a beautician mustn’t forget about sealing the edge of the nails which will counteract chipping, splitting and, as a result, breaking of a finger nail.

Hybrid manicure removal is preceded with the nail varnish mattifying. Thanks to this procedure, the hybrid manicure remover will penetrate faster which will accelerate the entire process. After that, the tips of nails are wrapped with cotton pads soaked with the above mentioned liquid. When the hybrid manicure starts to crush, a beautician delicately pries the varnish open using a wooden manicure stick and follows with filing the nails with a special emery board. What should be done if the hybrid manicure starts flaking off? Visit a beautician immediately! There are a few reasons why your hybrid manicure is tearing off. For example, your nail plate is super damaged, soft and dehydrated. Also, this situation is common when a beautician has applied too thick layer of a varnish, the nail plate was poorly prepared or the cosmetics used during the procedure were of bad quality. Hybrid manicure also removes itself when you suffer from hyperhidrosis of hands or other dermatological ailments.

How to Take Care of Hybrid Manicure?

On the regular basis apply cosmetic oils, nourishing creams and other specialised preparations containing vitamins and minerals. In order to strengthen the nails, take care of the cuticles around along with the hand skin, use cosmetics containing silica, keratin, beeswax, vitamins A and E, castor oil, coconut oil and Shea butter.

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