The No.1 In Hair Salons – Thermal Coloring Foams Strips by ColorCuts. Check out why!

The No.1 In Hair Salons – Thermal Coloring Foam Strips by ColorCuts. Check out why!
Want to create a unique ombre, sombre or balayage but it’s too tiring and time-consuming? The innovative Highlighting Foam Strips for multi-tonal hair coloring make coloring much faster, more spectacular and extremely precise. Find out why the professional ColorCuts hairdressing range is number 1 in hair salons!

Multi-tonal coloring is a tiresome task. Coloring requiring multiple layers and different tones of hair dye is a time-consuming job. Say goodbye to the impractical and difficult to apply aluminum foil strips. It’s time for a change!

ColorCuts in your hair salon

It’s one of the best hairdressing brands creating innovative gadgets. Well known and valued all over the world, they facilitate the work of professionals. Their unique and spectacular accessories are appreciated by hairdressers and their customers worldwide.

The colorful and light coloring strips enable precise application of coloring products to individual hair sections without folding the edges. The handy box allows you to do it in one gesture!

Eco-friendly and colorful Highlighting Foam Strips

Women who come to your hair salon want to relax. They want to feel they are in good hands and leave your salon satisfied. ColorCuts strips make your clients feel special. Highlighting Foam Strips make your salon luxurious. The eco-friendly ColorCuts strips upgrade the prestige and were created in harmony with nature. They are recyclable, machine washable and reusable. Created in tune with the zero-waste concept, the top-quality strips don’t lose their color after washing. That’s a big saving that pays off.

highlighting foam strips

Coloring time cut by up to half!

Multi-tonal hair coloring consumes a lot of time. Whether you’re doing sombre, ombre, balayage or bleaching your hair, applying aluminum foil strips takes the longest. You have to apply them carefully, making sure they don’t get ripped in your hands.

ColorCuts strips are ready to use, pre-cut and stay on the hair. They can be applied from roots to ends with ease and extreme precision. Once applied, all you have to do is apply the hair dye and fold the strip in half. That’s all you need to deliver perfect coloring. ColorCuts strips ensure full control over the coloring and cut the treatment time by up to half!

You’re going to love them from the first use. Each strip maintains heat to intensify the coloring without damaging hair. They stay cool on the outside for maximum comfort. Highlighting Foam Strips provide eye-catching aesthetics that can’t be matched by aluminum. They facilitate precise application of coloring products down to the millimeter. They allow air circulation between the layers, which prevents mechanical and thermal damage.

Go for ColorCuts comfortable foam strips, created with the environment in mind. The reusable strips save you money since one pack lasts for 800 uses! This gadget can streamline your work and you can win lots of satisfied clients. Choose Highlighting Foam Strips! Learn more about the product: