Our tips on which mascara wand is the best

Silicone, balled or hourglass? Mascara wands come in various shapes and sizes. Each has its own characteristics and advantages. What are the differences and which type to choose? 

➜ Silicone: silicone spoolies replaced wands with nylon hairs and stole women’s hearts. They made it possible to reach lashes that regular brush couldn’t. It is perfect for separating lashes, lengthening and boosting volume. Mascara can be applied in layers. The silicone spoolie reduces the risk of unaesthetic gaps and stuck-together hairs.

➜ Balled: a tiny brush in the shape of a small ball lets you reach every, even the shortest lash. Because of this size, it coats hairs with product evenly and prevents them from being stuck to each other. Lashes are lengthened and curled upwards. It’s best for straight, thick lashes. Choose this mascara brush type if you want to achieve a very natural effect – with no clumps or a ‘spider’ effect.

➜ Curved: a curved wand in the form of a comb helps brush lashes out precisely with just one swipe.

➜ Micro-wand: classic brushes might not work for very short lashes as they might make a mess on the eyelids and coat lashes with little precision. In that case, it’s best to go for a micro-wand which is very narrow and exact. This mascara wand type lets you apply the product on very short and thin lashes with no clumps or an exaggerated effect. A micro-wand is also ideal for enhancing lower lashes.

➜ Cone-shaped: great for lengthening the outer corners. It works best for ‘cat eyes’ or trendy ‘foxy eyes’ makeup. It lets you achieve a natural effect of a set of falsies with different lengths – from shorter in the middle to long in the outer corners.

➜ Oversized: a big, fluffy brush is a treat for owners of long eyelashes. This wand type allows you to create a lash-curler effect in just a few swipes. The eyes appear bigger and you get a bit of a ‘rock’ look. The brush applies a big amount of a product so it’s easy to ‘overdo it’ and stick lashes with each other. A big wand like this one might not work well with short, straight lashes and smaller eyes.