How to coat eyelashes with mascara?

Eyelashes are the frame of eyes. In order to make lashes look good, we have to do more than just take care of them properly. They have to be flawlessly covered with a mascara as well. Learn how to accomplish this seemingly easy task to make your eyelashes look stunning.

Picking a mascara

If you want your eyelashes to look beautiful, you must pick the right mascara. How to do this? Match a mascara with your expectations and needs as well as to the ongoing season and an event you are coating the eyelashes for. For instance, in the winter and in the summer it is suggested to use mascaras of waterproof features. Basically, the same type of a mascara will save you from possible make-up bloopers if you are going to attend a wedding or other equally important event.

Just as crucial is the applicator that goes with a mascara. Length and arrangement of bristle affect the final effect of eye makeup. Longer bristle is responsible for curling and extending eyelashes. Shorter bristle makes eyelashes bold. The same effect is produced by densely arranged bristle.

How to coat eyelashes properly?

Before you put on a mascara, powder your eyelashes first. In this way you will not only prolong lifespan of a mascara but also obtain an effect of neatly defined eyelashes. What is more, you are going to degrease lashes from the residues of the moisturizing products and eye shadows you have used.

Do you like curled eyelashes? Use an eyelash curler! Tighten the accessory hold on eyelashes and keep it that way for a while. Now, it is time for a mascara. If you gather  substantial amount of a cosmetic, try to rub it out against the edge of the bottle. Sweep the applicator from the roots up to the tips of eyelashes. What is more, a brush has to be put into zigzag motion. Owning to this technique, eyelashes become optically extended. Moreover, this manner of application facilitates precise coating. Obviously, you can put on two or more layers of the product so as to emphasize the effect you want to obtain. Remember to let one layer dry out before applying another coat. Now, move to coating lower eyelashes. Start from inner corer of the eyes and move the applicator toward the outer corner. At the end, separate eyelashes with a special comb. In this way, you are going to get rid of all the clumps and lumps that keep you one step away from perfectly mascaraed eyelashes.

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