Zoom in at eye cream. What should it contain?

Some claim that wrinkles around eyes are one of the elements that emphasise facial expressions. Others believe that it is better to get rid of those entirely because reveal our true age. In order to maintain the balance between one and the other, it is worth to use eye cream. Which one is the most effective?

The skin around eyes is thin and sensitive. It requires special care as it loses its elasticity and hydration easily. First symptoms of skin condition worsening around eyes are not crow’s feet. These appear only later, after the dark circles and bags.

That is why it is important to start using eye cream as soon as possible. There is this mistaken belief that it is a cosmetic exclusively for elderly women. Along with age, we should use more concentrated cosmetics to ensure our skin with the support it needs. It does not mean that young women should stay away from anti-age cosmetics.

On the contrary, a high-quality eye cream should be a must have for every woman above 25 years old. However, it is important to reach for cosmetics that work in the natural and safe way for the gentle skin around eyes.

Effective eye cream:

  • moisturises and nourishes skin,
  • eliminates bags,
  • reduces dark circles and lightens skin.

When choosing an eye cream, you should focus on the composition rather than the packaging full of slogans. Analyse formula and choose products that are the most natural and contain substances essential for sensitive skin. Which in particular?


These eliminate free radicals and protect skin against speeding up ageing processes. The antioxidants most common for eye creams are vitamin E (tocopherol) and vitamin C (ascorbic acid).


Highly important for eye cream are substances stimulating skin circulation because it contributes to decrease of puffiness and bags. Such properties are indicated both by caffeine and guarana, which in low concentration are safe to the sensitive skin around eyes.


Another name for retinol is simple vitamin A which has a beneficial impact on skin condition. If used locally in eye cream (you should never apply pure retinol on the skin), it reduces pigmentations and regenerates epidermis.

UV filters

The thin skin around eyes requires intense protection against solar radiation, which is not beneficial to skin. Eye cream should contain UV filter, but it supposed to be synthetic substance. Protective properties have also vegetable oils.

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