Everyday Hair Care – How To Do It Properly?

Hair and scalp washing

Hair should be washed every few days. More frequent care might harm hair, lead to streaks drying-out or to dandruff formation. Furthermore, it is generally believed that, the more one washes hair, the more sebum is produced by the scalp. What is more, instead of using regular shampoos, you can also give a try to dry shampoos. It is also advisable to do not change your hair care cosmetics too often. However, if you feel the need of treating your hair with new cosmetics fairly often, try to use only professional products. Basically, a hair mask applied once a week before hair washing is also perceived as a good idea.

Hair Makeover

If you really have to blow-dry your hair, do not forget to apply a product that will protect your hair from hot air. Unless you have such a cosmetic, you can apply a hair mousse or other similar product. Equally important, keep the blow-dryer in a distance from your head since in this manner you will avoid damaging hair structure and you will not burn yourself. In order to stylize the hair, use only proven devices like hair straighteners, blow-dryers and curling irons.  Must be remembered, hair makeover has to go hand in hand with its protection.

Maintaining hair in a good condition

The best way of keeping hair in a decent condition is just leaving it alone. To clarify, do not touch it, do not comb, do not dye and do not stylize with heating devices at all. In a case, you decided to dye the hair, apply the shade of only 2 tones different from your natural hair colour (no matter if you dye the hair lighter or darker.) Finally, trim the hair once a month, also when you let your hair grow long.

Care cosmetics: shampoos, hair masks and conditioners

It goes without saying, in order to provide good care of your hair, apply only the products that match needs of both your hair and scalp. To demonstrate, when one has dry hair, then it is advisable to use cosmetics enriched with plant extracts, oils, keratin and vitamins. When it comes to greasy hair type and the one with the tendency to dandruff formation, the hair will be grateful if you treat it with turnip shampoos and conditioners. In a case, your scalp is extremely sensitive, then apply products bought at pharmacy’s or the ones prescribed by a dermatologist.

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