How to mattify skin of face? Proven methods

It is not reserved for the summer that skin is sweating and is shiny. People with mixed and oily skin type have this problem all year long. Sweating is a natural process associated with loss of 900 ml of water. However, if shiny skin is something that bothers you, just try these helpful tricks.

Hyaluronic serum

It perfectly nourishes skin and combined with other conditioning substances gives even better effect. Apply gel every morning instead of a make-up base. Thanks to it skin become matte, smooth and hydrated.

Clay mask

There are several types of it, that is why everyone can find something for themselves. Clay has incredible healing properties and contains lots of vitamins and trace elements. Cosmetics with clay in the composition absorb sebum and inhibit over-secretion by sebaceous glands. Quite popular became washing face or even hair with the use of clay. Just mix it with a herbal distillate or toner. Clay is a very good ingredient for traditional face masks. These products you should apply on face for 15 minutes. Remember not to let it dry cause it may cause irritations.

Potato starch

It is suitable for making cake and sauce. Potato starch is entirely safe for skin, causes no irritations and does not clog skin pores. It should be stored in the airtight container in order for it to not absorb humidity. How should you use potato starch on the skin? A small amount of it, massage into oily areas of the face.

Thermal water

It is obtained from a thermal water source which temperature is higher than average setting temperature. It has refreshing, calming and cooling properties. It eliminates free radicals, soothes irritated skin of the face. You can use it in the morning and evening. It is perfect for hot days to preserve make-up.

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