Effortless ways to make nails strong and healthy again!

Are you struggling to remedy your brittle, weak, dull-looking nails? You have no idea why they keep breaking while all remedies you try seem to fail? Test these simple nail strengtheners. You are very likely to find the one made for you!

Many women think that nails make up the key element of their appearance. It makes sense because the face and hands are probably the first things we look at when meeting someone. That is why we keep searching for the best remedies that make them better. Too bad we don’t always find the right ones. See some tried and trusted methods to make the nails lovely again.

What makes your nails worse?

Before we move on to the remedies, let’s briefly talk the most popular causes of nail breakage. If you eliminate them, you can be sure you will turn the nails around.

The most common causes of nail damage that are usually listed:

  • wrongly-performed manicure
  • nail polish containing formaldehyde
  • overuse of gel mani and nail extensions
  • cuticle and nail biting
  • diet lacking vitamins and minerals
  • regular use of detergents
  • body fatigue.

The best nail strengtheners

Let’s go through the best treatments that let you easily and quickly turn your nails around. Most of them are budget-friendly and you don’t need pricey in-salon nail-repair treatments. What nails strengtheners are worth knowing?

Castor oil for stronger nails

No 1 natural nail treatment. It’s extremely popular among the enthusiasts of eco-friendly beauty solutions because this multi-purpose castor bean oil can be used on nails and also hair, face and body. What effect does it have on nails? Above all, it boosts shine and smoothes their surface; if you use it regularly, it can even strengthen the nail plate and stimulate faster growth. A drop of castor oil makes a perfect remedy for nails damaged e.g. after gel mani.

Homemade nail conditioner

If castor oil isn’t enough, make use of other reliable treatments. For example, make your natural nail-enhancing blend to naturally strengthen the nails and improve their appearance.

What do you need for making a natural nail conditioner?

  • 1 spoon of olive oil or argan oil
  • 1 teaspoon of castor oil
  • 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
  • 3-5 drops of vitamin A+E (available at the chemist’s)

Carrier oil and castor oil make up the base of a strengthener that smoothes and reinforces the nails. You just need to rub the conditioner into the nails every day. The vitamins intensify the repairing effect while lemon juice brightens stains and evens out the nail color.

Apple cider vinegar for healthier nails

While listing the best remedies for nails, we must talk the effect of apple cider vinegar. Many girls say it’s a miracle-maker. Regular use of apple cider vinegar on the nails lets us strengthen them as well as get rid of some imperfections e.g. discoloration. How to use apple cider vinegar? The easiest way involves soaking the nails in it for 15 minutes at least once a week. You can also try a different way: add apple cider vinegar into your bath water. Of course these aren’t the only home nail strengtheners but they are surely worth testing. The ingredients we focused on are easily available which is also encouraging.

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