Macadamia oil and its nourishing power hidden within

Do you know any suntan oil, that you could use also on your hair? This is exactly what you can do with macadamia oil – hypo-allergenic, perfect for any scalp and for damaged hair. The incredible macadamia oil properties are already known all over the world. Learn more about it, right now.

Macadamia oil is usually used in skin problems with atopic eczema, psoriasis and sensitivity. It is most commonly met in cosmetics for face and body, e.g. creams. It does not mean that you cannot use it on hair. On the contrary – you certainly should!

Macadamia oil – what properties?

It contains plenty omega acids, lecithin, minerals and vitamins, that protect cells against premature ageing. There is additionally natural UV filter, which you may find handy in protecting against sun radiation not only the skin, but also your hair. However, the most important is that macadamia oil for hair is one of a kind due to content of palmitoleic acid in omega-7 group. In vegetable oils, this is rarely encountered fatty acid, which is main ingredient of sebum produced by the follicles.

Macadamia oil for high porosity hair

Natural macadamia oil is great for high porosity hair, i.e. extremely damaged. This vegetable cosmetic holds intense regenerating action, which provides restoration and strengthening to even very weak hair. It does not cause oily scalp, as other oils tend to do, because it is absorbed perfectly. Applied in moderated amount is absorbed and “vanishes” in hair. This is why this oil is so often called vanishing oil.

How does this oil work?

  • complements nourishing substances deficits in follicles,
  • strengthens hair,
  • direct moisturising action, prevents water loss,
  • speeds up drying time,
  • makes dye absorption easier and enhances colourisation effect,
  • regulates work of sebaceous glands and sebum secretion.

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