Secret to Beauty? Moisturise Your Skin!

There are lots of things that harm our skin. Minus temperatures, frosty wind, differences in temperature and air-conditioning – they make it hard for the skin to keep a proper level of moisture. On the other hand, heat waves and sunrays are responsible for the dehydration and losing collagen and elasticity. Environmental pollution, free radicals and synthetic substances also have a negative influence on the skin. Unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, alcohol, cigarettes do not benefit your body. An improper skin care and unsuitable products bring similar results.

How to moisturise the skin?

Drinking one litre of water a day is the most crucial rule. You must also use moisturising cosmetics delivering an in-depth and long-lasting care. You can spritz your face and neck with a thermal water during the day. What does a suitable skin moisturising routine look like? It consists of three stages: cleansing, moisturising and applying masks. Cleansing should be done with mild products e.g.:

  • Face cleansing gel – mixed with water, it creates a washing foam. It has purifying properties and works very gently. That is why it is recommended for oily and combination skin. The product is very efficient.
  • Cosmetic milk – works in a very gentle way, soothing irritated skin and nourishing. It is composed of oils and plant extracts that condition every skin type.
  • Toner – gently cleanses and refreshes. You must support it with other cosmetics because it is unable to deal with a dirty complexion by itself. There are several types of toners: soothing, astringent, energising, etc.
  • Micellar water – has similar properties to milks and toners. It quickly and effectively removes makeup as well as freshens and moisturises the skin.

Moisturising is another stage. Apply creams with lipids, ceramides and plant extracts in the morning and evening. Moreover, use SPF products. Fancy better skin care? Learn the types of creams. They are divided in respect to the ingredients and functions. Moisturisers for all skin types, rich creams, anti-wrinkle and SPF creams. The way of applying creams is extremely important. For best effects, dab the cosmetic with fingertips, starting from the middle area of the face. Nutrients need about 30 minutes to be absorbed. You cannot apply makeup or other product during that time.

The last stage of an effective skin care is using masks. Once or twice a week is enough. Masks match skin types and contain lots of nutrients; some of them are used for particular areas of the face.

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