Day and night creams for girls 20+

Creams are irreplaceable when it comes to face care. The earlier you start using them, the later your skin will age, and you will remain young and beautiful. Find out how day and night creams designed for girls 20+ work like.

Day creams 

Such cosmetics delay skin ageing processes, deliver moisturising action, reinforce skin protective barrier and can replace a make-up base. To make them work even better, they have to match skin type and its needs. Therefore, a moisturising cream will serve dry complexions. With irritations on sensitive skin deals a cream of relieving features. Reinforcing cream is recommended for people who struggle with broken capillaries. For combination and acne complexion choose cosmetics that regulate sebum production and have light formula.

What substances does a good day cream contain?

First and foremost, substances a day cream contains should answer your skin needs. The most desirable are: vitamins C and E, UV filters, aloe, hyaluronic acid, fruit acids, anti-shine substances and anti-oxidants. Remember to regularly apply day creams so as to make your face skin remain young and beautiful for a long time.

Night creams

These are cosmetics designed for special tasks. When you sleep, your skin regenerates. Cell renewal processes wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the substances included in night creams. What else should you pay attention to while choosing a care product for face skin 20+? Surely, this kind of a cosmetic should have dense consistency and your match skin type. Remember that before you apply a night cream, you need to do precise make-up removal, and wipe your face with a toner. Your skin will be grateful if you give it a message while applying a night cream.

What substances does a good night cream contain?

While buying such cosmetics, look for anti-oxidants. These are: vitamins A, E and C, calcium, zinc, silica and flavonoids. Thanks to these substances even the deepest skin layers will be nourished, moisturised and regenerated.

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