How to take care of lashes after false eyelash extension?

Indeed, for many women long eyelashes are the synonym of femininity. For that reason, no wonder why each of us dream of having up-to-sky lashes. Thanks to modern techniques, applied also in cosmetology, it is possible to extend eyelashes in both natural and convenient manner. However, in order to make our false eyelashes hold for long, it is crucial to be aware of the fact that we have to provide them with special care. For example, it is forbidden to expose eyelashes to humidity or any other sort of water for minimum 48 hours since leaving a beauty parlour. It is extremely important for the adhesive to dry completely after the conducted beautifying treatment. What is more, attending sauna or swimming pool is not also a wise idea. The truth is, eyelash extension treatment may lead to eyelid and eyes irritation since the adhesive has to be distributed along eyelash line. And when it happens that irritations are developed, it is forbidden to rub the eyes since it will ruin all the mundane work of a beautician. It is also advised against using eyelash curlers or low quality eyelash conditioners. What about mascaras?

According to the experts, it is advised against to use this kind of a colour cosmetic for at least two days since eyelash extension treatment done. However, if you really have to apply mascara on eyelashes, try to coat only tips of them. Definitely, the effect will not be so spectacular yet we do not destroy our ‘new’ extended eyelashes. Furthermore, it sometimes happens that despite us going by the book, individual eyelashes keep falling out. In this case, the false eyelashes should not be pulled out fiercely but only removed gently using special tweezers.

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