Damaged hair? Save it with Nanoil hair oil!

Is your hair dry and looks unaesthetic? You regularly have it coloured or bleached so it gets weaker, loses shine and bounce? Hair is dull and thinning whereas the scalp – improperly hydrated and irritated?

Ammonia included in hair dyes in not the only thing that damages our hair. We can also weaken condition of our hairdo because of: too harsh brushing, rubbing with a towel, hot airflow of blow-driers, flat irons, curling irons, toxins and numerous unfavourable conditions that our hair deals with on a daily basis.

Repair of damaged hair has been impossible so far. You could only improve general looks by using lots of products that would also distress hair after longer use.

A new product that treats hair repair in a professional way appeared on the market.

Thanks to Nanoil hair oil, regeneration has regained its commendable name and means what it should mean: complex hair repair.

Nanoil for high porosity hair (damaged) is a versatile product:

  1. Firstly, enhances hair looks, immediately boosts its shine, brings bounce and softness.
  2. Secondly, penetrates hair, repairs hair structure, rebuilds damaged strands.
  3. Thirdly, protects hair (seals its surface), creates a microscopic occlusive layer along the hair stem which doesn’t let toxins in.
  4. Fourthly, conditions the scalp, reinforces hair bulbs, which results in quicker hair growth and volume boost.

Nanoil hair oil is a symbiosis of natural oils – healing and beautifying substances known for ages, and carefully selected ingredients that define the beauty of hair and must be used in hair repair.

Nanoil for high porosity hair is the synergy of properly picked oils: the ones that are excellent for damaged and dehydrated high porosity hair.

Nanoil - ideal hair oil for you

A beautiful black bottle with a wooden cork conceals:

  • almond oil – prevents brittleness, smooths strands
  • argan oil – seals hair structure, repairs inside, protects from heat and ammonia
  • evening primrose oil – excellently moisturises, keeps water-lipid balance, removes toxins and conditions hair
  • avocado oil – vitamin boost for hair
  • maracuja oil – improves elasticity and delivers essential vitamins
  • cottonseed oil – softens and moisturises hair and scalp

These oils have the ability to repair hair yet Nanoil hair oil includes some more valuable ingredients. The version for damaged hair contains also: panthenol (smooths and intensifies shine and colour), UV filter (protects from damage and inhibits dehydration), keratin (reconstructs hair and rebuilds damage), lanoline (smooths hair, adds elasticity, nourishes scalp), silk (facilitates styling and detangling, smooths strands and enhances shine).

Damaged hair often falls out in handfuls and refuses to grow. That is why, Nanoil hair oil offers two unique complexes that inhibit hair loss and boost hair growth. Both special kerastim and baicapil stimulate and repair hair bulbs.

Application of Nanoil is extremely easy and comfortable. There are endless possibilities yet you must remember to use Nanoil frequently if you really want to repair and rebuild your hair. At least once a week, treat your hairdo to a deep repair treatment: apply Nanoil to hair as well as to scalp.

Thanks to Nanoil for high porosity hair, we can experience a brand new dimension in hair repair. There is no balm, mask or even ampoules that would provide such care. 


22 Comments “Damaged hair? Save it with Nanoil hair oil!”

  1. Rebekah M

    I have very damaged hair due to overprocessing it at the salon, so maybe it’s something for me

  2. Alexandra_D

    I am just finishing the first bottle of this oil and I can already tell that the effects are impressing. I’ll definitely buy another one and will not give up on hair oiling becasue it works incredibly for my hair. It’s not the cheapest but at the same time it’s very efficient and most importantly, it works wonders

  3. Catherine

    Yes I know that it all damages the hair but it’s so difficult to break a habit

  4. Paola123

    I think your hair will get damaged because of straightening and using the hot blow-dryer. And of course bleaching. Colour-treating is not as bad unless you choose high-quality dyes. Recenty, I have been using dyes infused with oils only. You can also add some oil to your dye.

    • Ginny

      with this oil you can safely straighten your hair

  5. Amelia

    It’s so good that the composition includes silk! my hair loves it and there is no need to apply more so it will not overload the hair. It’s a very good cosmetic, I recommend it to everyone

  6. Caroline

    I think I will have to try it out because my hair likes the oils that are in the composition. I have used almond oil, evening primrose oil, and passion fruit oil and each worked really well for my hair

    • Natalie7

      For me, oils used separetley are not a beneficial as when combined together. At the beginning of my hair hype I was creating my own oil blends but eventually I got tired of it and started looking to something that ready-made. After a few products I finally encountered nanoil and is definitely the best one I ever had so I will stay faithful to it

  7. Mila

    I never had this oil but I like kerastase more

  8. Inga27

    Tomorrow I am getting my nanoil delivery and I am starting my hair oil treatments in the evening

  9. Dominique

    I appplied an oil to my hair only once and it was castor oil but I think that that this whole hair oiling is not for me. I was struggling with the appliction and later with washing the hair out becasues it did not want to come off

    • Kassie98

      this is actually the worst oil because it’s very thick and thus difficult to apply. Besides, it’s not suitable for every hair type. Other oils have a lot more pleasant consistency

  10. Alice

    I was just looking for something to regenerate my damaged hair

  11. Elisa

    I am using nanoil for a few weeks and I have the one for low porosity hair and I really noticed a difference because it really looks a lot better

  12. Marcy

    very useful article, it’s good to know that there’s such an oil available

  13. Katty

    I love herbal hair rinse, they work really well for me

  14. Lilly P

    I have very damaged hair after 2years of bleaching and I am trying to restore its previous condition

  15. Caitlyn

    after using this oil my hair looks as if I just came out of the salon where I had an expenisve treatment done, so yes, I’d recommend it to everyone

  16. A.K.

    where can I buy it

    • Caitlyn

      try out the official nanoil website

  17. Marion

    This is the second oil, after castor oil I used for hair oiling, and I am positively surprised with the consistency

  18. just_me

    a few girls have already recommended me the oil and eventaully I’ll probably end up trying it out but the price…..


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