Estee Lauder: New Cushion BB Cream with SPF

Estee Lauder makes make-up easier for all the women. New cosmetic just arrived and it is called Double Wear Cushion BB Liquid Compact SPF 50. It is a product combining the comfort of a simple application, light formula and sun protection.

Compact by Estee Lauder was placed in a round container. Inside is a mirror, place for a sponge and a “cushion” soaked with the cosmetic. Double Wear Cushion BB Liquid Compact SPF 50 is available is four shades: Cool Vanilla, Tawny, Warm Vanilla and Bone. It is a mix of known to all, BB cream, the product with sun filter and a foundation. It’s intended use is for everyday application and for all skin types.

How does Double Wear Cushion BB Liquid Compact SPF 50 work?

It provides subtle and medium coverage, makes skin complexion even, camouflages skin imperfections and highlights face. Thanks to the light formula the application is a bliss, there are no smudges or so-called mask effect. The cosmetic contains hydrating and nourishing ingredients to influence beautiful and healthy face appearance. Estee Lauder makes skin pores and minor wrinkles less visible. It absorbs excess sebum secretion and prevents shine.

How should you use Double Wear Cushion BB Liquid Compact SPF 50?

Before you proceed with make-up, wash your face with warm water or use a toner. Then gently press applicator against the “cushion” and start an application. Two or three layers will provide proper coverage level. Remember that after each use, you have to close this cosmetic very thoroughly. Quite important is also to clean your applicator. Wash it every week under warm water stream and use some soap, then leave it to dry.

Double Wear Cushion BB Liquid Compact SPF 50 was dermatologist tested. It does not clog pores nor it causes irritations. It contains apple and melon extracts along with mineral substances.

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