How to Create Beach Waves? Salon vs Home Messy Surfer Girl Look

Beach waves is a hairstyle inspired by surfer girls who spend the entire day on the beach with their hair blown by the wind and sprinkled with salty water drops. What are beach waves, how to make them at home and which products to use? Or is it better to let the hairdresser do the job for you?

What are beach waves?

Messy waves you get through twisting wet hair and letting it air dry or using a curling wand. Beach waves look best on highlights, upgrading the tridimensional effect and making the hair look more voluminous. That is why it is cut out for fine, easily weighed down hair.

How to make beach waves at home?

Getting natural sea water captured in an atomiser bottle would be best. However, if it’s impossible, you can pour a teaspoon of sea salt into a cup of water. Once the salt melts, pour the water into a suitable bottle and get round to creating the look. Choose between two methods:

1. Mini bunsbest for naturally wavy/curly hair

Firstly, evenly apply a salty water or a pro texturizing spray to make hair damp. Next, divide the hair into 3-4 sections and twist each section tight and secure it with a tie or bobby pin. Let the hair dry naturally, slightly blow dry or press a flat iron to each semi-dry bun for 4 seconds tops. After that, untwist the buns and run fingers through the hair. For a better effect, spray on some more water and give hair a scrunch. If your hair ends look dry, warm a little hair oil between the palms and rub it in.

2. Curling wandbest for curl-resistant hair

First, coat your hair with a cloud of salty water or texturizing spray. Divide the hair into sections and wrap each one around the curling wand. Make sure the sections are of the same size. Next, run the fingers through the hair to get a natural-looking effect. Respray the chosen product again and scrunch the hair. Finally, let the hair soak the product.

Beach waves, best products

There are lots of hairstyling products we can choose from while creating beach waves at home. Even though some of them contain salt, their manufacturers swear that professional sprays – contrary to sea water – won’t leave your hair dry. Plus they will give a nicer wave and longer-lasting effect.

Sprays and texturizing mousses work for beach waves best. Sprays amp up hair volume and natural texture, without depriving hair of elasticity. Thanks to the content of salty water, they give a nice effect of messy sexy matte-finish hair. Moreover, sprays ensure heat protection which makes hair resistant to the heat styling damage.

On the other hand, a texturizing mousse is free from salt so it surely won’t lead you towards hair dehydration.

Beach waves by a pro

You can get beach waves at a hair salon. After all, the hairstyle is simply a gentle perm wave. At first, the hairdresser slightly layers the hair to boost volume and then wraps hair around medium-size rollers. Next, a special preparation is applied to fix the curl. After 10-15 minutes, the hairstylist rinses it out, blow-dries the hair and applies a neutralizing agent. Another washing and a conditioner. To finish, you have your hair styled, blow-dried and scrunched for messy waves. Before hair dries completely, the hairdresser sprays some texturizing product on. The effect of perm beach waves last up to 8 weeks.

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