What make-up does fit your beauty type?

Which type of beauty are you? Spring, summer, autumn or maybe winter? Decide and apply appropriate make-up that matches your beauty type.

At the beginning, you have to become aware of the fact that colours used for face make-up are divided in four categories. And these are warm and pure colours, cool and undertones, warm and undertones as well as cool and pure shades. Each of the group matches different beauty type. The first pair of shades works good with spring beauty type, the second belongs to summer, the third is designed for autumn and the fourth should be applied on winter face type. Now, take a mirror and match your beauty type with the particular season.

Spring beauty type has delicate complexion of bright yellow, peach or golden-and-beige shade. It is frequently decorated with freckles and blushes. The skin is smooth and, at the same time, fairly sensitive. it gets brown when tanned. Eye colour is not that intensive. In most cases, the iris has bright green, blue or brown colour. Hair in turn is fair, most often blond, although, spring beauty type happens to have also slightly ginger-like hair. Very bright and hard to notice eyebrows have to be defined with a special make-up pencil. Make-up for spring beauty type should be delicate and soft. Apply only small amounts of fluid or foundation – the one which will bring your freckles and blushes out. What is more, use small amounts of both pressed powder and blushers. While talking about the blushers, such a cosmetic should be of apricot or peach shade. When it comes to lips, they should be coated with a transparent lipgloss, lipstick or a lip balm. The best eye-shadows are the ones composed of nude and pastel shades.

Summer beauty type has rather diversified complexion when it comes to the tones. It can have bright, beige, pink shades with a tincture of grey and olive shade. The most frequent iris colours are green, blue and brown. The same applies to hair. It can be blond, black, brown and even ashy. Eyebrows have clear shape. With all these in mind, make-up of summer beauty type should be done using cool tones, focusing mainly on undertones. The best shades are cool pinks and bronzes as well as purple, green and black.

Autumn is a beauty type that is associated with warm and intensive shades. Characteristic feature of such a complexion are easily visible freckles as well as peach, olive, golden or beige-shaded skin tone. Eyes are either brown or green. Lush and dense hair is of ginger, copper or maroon colour. Eyebrows are rather irregular. The make-up should not camouflage freckles. It is advised to use highlighters as well as foundations of brown, yellow or beige shades. Eye-shadows and lipsticks should be of intensive colours.

Winter beauty type has olive or very pale, almost porcelain complexion.Iris of the eye has very intensive colour. In most cases hair is black with dark blue reflexes. This kind of a beauty type looks good with intensive make-up applied. With this in mind, foundations, blushers and lipstick should have cool shades. When it comes to eye-shadows, these should be of vivid colours only.

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