We are choosing the best eye cream that actually works

‘What eye cream to choose?’, many women ask themselves the question during shopping. Should this cream fight dark circles and puffiness? Should it be applied to under eye area or to eyelids too? Should it fight expression lines? Should it come with a roll-on applicator? And when it comes to the composition, should it contain either eyebright extract or vitamin C? As you can see, there are quite a few issues that must be taken into consideration and they make the decision a little bit tough, to say the least. However, if you wish to simplify this art of making the right choice, you must learn how to apply eye cream and what it should be made from.

What eye skin area really is?

Skin surrounding eyes is exceptionally thin, sensitive, delicate and damage-prone. There is no exaggeration in the conviction that eye skin area requires being protected in a special way. After all, everyone surely heard about specialized care. And this is crucial for a few reasons. Eye skin area is negatively affected by the following factors:

  • overworking and spending time in front of screens;
  • A/C and improper lighting;
  • air pollution, dust, specks and allergens;
  • following a diet that lacks the sufficient amounts of water and nutrients;
  • alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking;
  • application of ill-matching beauty products;
  • either lack of or improperly performed make-up removal;
  • long-term wearing of contact lenses.

What are the consequences of neglecting proper eye skin care?

Eye skin area quickly reacts to improper care or complete lack of it. When exposed to such a treatment, it’s fast to develop among others: expression lines, dark circles and puffiness caused by lymph accumulation, redness of eye balls, signs of fatigue, loss of firmness and suppleness, dryness of skin and conjunctiva.

Eye cream – beauty must-have

Eye skin area differs in many ways from the skin that covers other face parts. It’s very delicate, absorptive and located near eyes. It’s completely logical that a regular facial cream doesn’t offer the type of care this delicate eye skin area needs, does it? In light of this, a completely different product must be applied, which displays other set of properties and which composition matches the very skin area.

What should the best eye cream feature?

An eye cream should contain ingredients that on one hand are effective, and on the other – very gentle. Therefore, while choosing the best eye cream, you should look for: body butters displaying protective properties, lubricating and nourishing oils and retinol that fights back wrinkle appearance, to name just a few. Also, an eye cream should lack both alcohols and glycerine which have dehydration action.

How to apply eye cream?

There are a few golden rules which should be followed in order to apply eye cream in the right way.

  1. Before putting on an eye cream, take off make-up and clean skin precisely.
  2. Bear in mind that eye cream must be patted using fingertips instead of being either spread or rubbed using pressure.
  3. Try not to apply the cream right below lash line because the cosmetic might get into eyes and cause irritations.
  4. Apply the cream right below eyebrows and to skin area where you can feel eye socket.
  5. Wait a while until the cream gets absorbed fully and then follow with other beauty products you apply in the evening.

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