Popular perfumes that smell like wine and champagne – Perfect for women

As the old and well-known saying goes: “Women are like fine wine, they only get better with age.” But there is nobody to say that women can also smell like wine.

There are many more or less original products that have recently appeared on the cosmetic market. One of them was, for example, a nail polish that tastes like Prosecco. However, it’s not the only cosmetic inspired by luxurious alcohol. Motive of champagne is more popular in fragrance industry. Here are the most willingly purchased ones.

Luxurious heavy drinking – Yvresse by YSL

At the beginning of the 90s, Yves Saint Laurent launched perfumes called Champagne. However, the name was soon restricted for wine only therefore the name had to be changed to Yvresse, which in French means heavy drinking. This is one of the first perfumes inspired by buzz, very popular, exceptionally durable and still available.

Champagne smell – Demeter Champagne Brut

American brand, Demeter, is famous for producing unusual fragrances. This is the brand that launched perfumes resembling the smell of crayons, tiramisu cake and even a funeral house. Moreover, Demeter offers also light and energizing fragrances for women featuring Dom Perignon champagne notes, which are produced by Moët et Chandon winery.

Angel wobbly pop – Victoria’s Secret Strawberries and Champagne body mist

Strawberries? Yes, but only with a bottle of good champagne. Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret decided to use this aphrodisiac to create energizing body mist Strawberries and Champagne which comprises Secret Garden collection. This is the fragrance proposition where we definitely sense both champagne notes and the sweetness of strawberries.

Universal aroma – Sonoma Scent Studio Champagne de Bois

Champagne de Bois by Sonoma Scent Studio is categorised as unisex fragrance which can be bought only on the product’s official website. This Californian fragrance manufacturer successfully attempted to launch their own aroma inspired by champagne, which is included into Sonoma Exclusives collection.

Fun Fact! It also happens that alcohol is inspired by perfumes. A few years ago an English bartender, Tony Conigliaro, created champagne drink and gave him Chanel Nº5 Champagne Cocktail name.

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