Natural skin care with oils. How to take care of mature skin properly?

Mature skin requires special care. It is delicate, thin and prone to damage. To strengthen it and provide protection against harmful external factors, use only carefully selected cosmetics. One of the better ones will be oils. Will they meet your expectations?

What is mature skin like?

Mature skin is referred to people after 35 years of age. The skin ages as a result of many factors: genetics, hormonal and environmental. The skin aging process occurs in the fatty tissue (its thickness decreases), the dermis (collagen and elastin fibers weaken) and the epidermis (the number of cell divisions decreases). Mature skin is characterized by:

  • no elasticity and density;
  • changes face shape, dropping of the corners of the eyes, deepening of the nasolabial folds and the appearance of the second chin;
  • the occurrence of wrinkles and discolorations;
  • dullness, roughness;
  • widening of the skin pores.

Emollients for mature skin

Oils are the perfect emollients for mature skin.They will form a protective layer that will prevent water loss and moisturize dry skin. Thanks to the use of oils, mature skin will not dry out as quickly, it will be smooth, wrinkles will not deepen and discolouration won’t appear after every skin injury or after contact with the sun. Oils can also be used as a makeup primer as well as skin care and moisturizing cosmetics that will replace your regular face cream. Thanks to this, the complexion will be flexible, radiant and softened.

The choice of oil for mature skin

The best oils for mature skin care are those with the content of vitamin E, which has regenerating, smoothing and moisturizing effects. Such oils are included in passion fruit oil, fig opuntia oil and plum seed oil as well as marula oil, macadamia oil and argan oils. Antioxidants that protect against free radicals and delay the ageing process of the skin are also crucial elements of facial care products. Such oils can be found in carrot seed oils, barley seed oil, raspberry seed oil or strawberry seed oil. What’s more, remember about the choice of oil with the right formula. The denser the better for your skin. Such products contain unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. Try one of the following oils: avocado, jojoba, hazelnut.

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