How to make eyelashes strong?

Having long and beautiful eyelashes is one of the bullet points included on most women’s wishlist. Although cosmetic market is flooded with numerous eyelash extending, curling and thickening mascaras, no colour cosmetic is able to make eyelashes beautiful if they are not healthy and strong.

With this in mind, if we would like to have marvelous eyelashes then we should do everything we possibly can to improve their condition. The truth is, weakened eyelashes can get even more damaged due to mascara application. In short, unskillful use of a brush may lead to eyelashes falling out. In order to improve deteriorated condition of eyelashes it is worth giving a try to castor oil. How to do it? Simply, after every-evening make-up removal you have to coat eyelashes with a thick layer of this natural oil. Thanks to such a procedure, our eyelashes are going to become stronger, nourished and visibly darker.

Another factor that is crucial while talking about eyelash care is the manner in which we tend to remove make-up when the day is finally over. In order to do this the right way, it is suggested using cosmetics designed only for this particular purpose. To clarify, a regular face cleansing lotion might be too weak to gather and eliminate all mascara residues. As a consequence, we will fiercely rub our eyelashes with a cotton pad damped with this ropy lotion trying to get rid of mascara. Definitely such rubbing does cause more harm than good for already weak eyelashes.

In order to eliminate such a problem, it is suggested reaching for dual-phase lotions, which are able to nourish both eyelids and eyelashes, facilitating at the same time make-up removal. The same delicacy is necessary when using an eyelash curler. The basic rule states that it is strictly forbidden to use the accessory on mascaraed eyelashes. Otherwise, we can simply break the lashes. Surely, we do not want to harm them even more. Furthermore, if we would like to regenerate our fatigued eyelashes, it is worth applying easy-accessible eyelash serums. Such products do not only focus on restoring the good condition of eyelashes but also on accelerating their growth. As a result eyelashes get both extended and thicker.

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