How to apply blusher?

Blusher is a colour cosmetic that does not only provide healthy and natural look to face skin but also helps with evening its proportions. For that reason, each woman should be acquainted with all the techniques of blusher application. Unfortunately, some women tend to put on too thick layers of this colour cosmetic onto their cheekbones. As a consequence, these obtain a kind of artificial look. It also happens that the mark left by the applied product remains clearly visible because it is poorly blended with other colourful cosmetics.

Brush for blusher application

The truth is, we are flooded with various accessories designed for make-up application. However, there is no need in having a bundle of make-up brushes. Suffice to have just one appropriate brush for putting on a blusher. The most preferable is a brush made from short bristle that is cut at angle. What is more, the handle has to be long enough to facilitate comfortable holding in hand. Another key issue, blusher should not be applied with soft and fluffy brushes including so-called puff applicators – these leave uneven marks. What is more, it is advised against using flat blushes, which are simply useless for face contouring.

How to apply blusher?

Gather a small amount of the cosmetic on the brush. If necessary, dust off the excess of it. Remember, if you apply too much of the blusher, you are going to look unattractively. Now, time for a wide smile! Only it this way will you precisely see the exact area where the blusher should be applied. Start putting on a bright blusher from the middle of a cheek, so on cheekbones, and move toward temples. When it comes to a dark blusher, it should be put on the top of cheekbones whereas the brighter one right under them. Obviously, remember to blend both cosmetics if you apply two shades of blushers at the same time. The line between the products cannot remain visible. It is advisable to put a scarce amount of the blusher on a forehead and chin. Basically, blusher can be used for other purposes – it can replace an eye-shadow.

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