How to apply and remove makeup if you have sensitive eyes?

Eyes and they are around it are very sensitive parts of the skin, but some people are particularly vulnerable to their irritation. How to do and remover makeup of sensitive eyes?

What ingredients of eye cosmetics can be sensitizing?

The mascaras, eyeshadows and eyeliners contain many artificial pigments: in the cosmetics of green colour there is chromium oxide, in purple and pink shades – carmine, and in cosmetics in brown – iron oxide contaminated with nickel. Even natural substances, for example, derivatives of carbon compounds or lanolin used as a base for the production of mascara and eyeshadows can give allergic reactions.

How to do makeup for sensitive eyes?

Hypoallergenic cosmetics

To do makeup for sensitive eye, choose hypoallergenic cosmetics. The pigments in their composition are thoroughly purified or covered to reduce the risk of irritation.

Moreover, the number of ingredients that have been minimized in hypoallergenic cosmetics is equally important. Why? Allergy sufferers know that the more substances you have, the more likely you are to be sensitized. In addition, hypoallergenic cosmetics contain substances that soothe irritations, for example, thermal water or d-panthenol. Preservatives protect cosmetics, including hypoallergenic ones, against bacteria, fungi and mould, which is why they are necessary.

Makeup accessories

Applicators are often attached to the eyeshadow palette. Although they are usually small and handy, they should be dispensed right away. A rough sponge can seriously irritate the skin around the eyes. However, you can feel free to use the applicator attached to hypoallergenic shadows, if it has been made of soft and delicate materials. Instead, you can also use a soft brush and a beauty blender or rub your shadow with a fingertip or with a moistened cosmetic swab.

How to remove makeup from sensitive eyes?

Makeup removal of sensitive eyes is best done with the help of odourless and non-oily preparations with pH the same as tear tears, which contain soothing thermal water.

Start your makeup removal with soaking a cotton pad and apply it to the closed upper eyelid. Press it firmly but gently, then slightly slide it down. Next, put a clean cotton pad onto the lower eyelid and wait a moment. Later, press the cotton pad back to the upper eyelid and move it gently to wash away the rest of the makeup. Repeat the steps until the cotton pads are perfectly clean.

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