Eyelash Care: Does application of eyelash serums make any sense?

Each one of us would like to have long, thick and fabulous eyelashes, but not everyone knows the basic thing, which is how to take good care of them. Reportedly, in over 80% cases, we reach for eyelash serums, a little bit less often we go for eyelash extensions. It’s worth taking a closer look to find out whether each lash serum delivers the same effects and whether application of such lash enhancers makes any sense.

The way the eyelashes look – whether they are well-moisturized, nourished and strong – is determined by their condition. It’s also worth realizing that their growth potential differs from one person to another. It’s proven that the length, thickness and volume of eyelashes is written in our genes. In most cases though, the great potential of the lashes isn’t fully exploited due to the way we apply the mascara coats, how we remove eye makeup and how we take care of the lashes on a day-to-day basis. This means that each one of us can have more beautiful and full-looking eyelashes, yet we have to try a little bit harder to see this. Which lash treatments and volume-boost methods work best?

The best ways to achieve beautiful eyelashes

Developing good eating habits and keeping the body hydrated from within is the most important thing to begin with because sparse lashes, brittle nails and thin hair are the distinctive features of a weak organizm. Sadly, eating the right food products is too little because eyelashes – to become thicker – need some help delivered from the outside. Only then will they grow healthy, strong and long. There are a few possibilities allowing us to take good care of the lashes so everyone can find a method that suits them best:

  • treating eyelashes with castor oil
  • application of Vaseline
  • lash coming and eye skin massage
  • application of eyelash serums
  • using conditioning mascara products

When all the home lash treatments (e.g. natural oils, beauty products) fail you, you have no choice but go for eyelash extension (1:1 or 2:1 method). However, this isn’t the cheapest option and, besides, such cosmetic procedures often give the effects that are far from natural-looking. Therefore, before you arrange a meeting with a beautician, it’s better to reach for the best way to get you beautiful eyelashes, that is regular application of an eyelash serum.

Eyelash serum. How does it work?

When we aren’t fully satisfied with the way our eyelashes look, we often turn to enhancers. They can be described as transparent and nutrient-dense eyeliners – they look almost alike, they come with a really convenient brush that facilitates the application and they have to be spread along the lash line (at least in most cases, because there are some exceptions in terms of application). What makes them effective?

An eyelash serum formulated with well-selected ingredients penetrates the skin to reach the follicles (this is why it’s so important to follow the instructions and apply the serum to the roots of lashes). After all, the follicles are the very birthplace of each eyelash. In this way, an eyelash serum is able to deliver the precious nutrients that make lashes stronger, more resilient and regenerated. Reconstructed and less prone to falling out, the lashes may start growing faster and thicker over time.

Is every eyelash serum able to promote lash growth?

It should be kept in mind that application of eyelash serum makes sense, provided that you choose the right product – not just any serum but the one that offers the finest selection of ingredients. The final results depend on the constituents, so try to find a product that has the most natural composition and is enriched with the substances that are actually able to promote lash growth (e.g. peptides, Baicalein). The less ingredients used, the better.

The application method also matters – spreading the serum along the entire lash length doesn’t make much sense because the nutrients should be delivered to the “living” part of the lash, which is the follicle. That being explained, the most effective eyelash serums are those which have to be put on the roots of the lashes.

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