What should you use for adult acne? Homemade methods and the best cosmetics


Acne is a troublesome problem that affects many adults. How to deal with it? From among hundreds of home-made methods and recommended cosmetics, it is worth choosing those that are really effective. Discover what to use for acne.

Before we start looking for the right acne treatment method, we need to think about where it comes from. The causes can be different for everyone. Many factors may influence the condition of the skin, and that’s why acne skin is so difficult to combat. In fact, you have to solve several different issues, eg change beauty routine, reduce stress, learn to properly cleanse the skin, etc.

Acne that affects adults – causes

  1. Stress – in stressful situations, the production of sebum increases, this is the ideal environment for the development of bacteria, and one of the unwanted effects is the appearance of acne.
  2. Inappropriate diet – adult acne is very often the result of eating foods with a high glycemic index (sugar, beer, white rice, pasta, sweetened beverages), highly processed, with a lot of preservatives, greasy foods such as fast food.
  3. Poor care – the third reason for acne is the selection of improper skin care cosmetics that can clog pores, hamper skin exfoliation and become a great breeding ground for bacteria, especially if the cosmetics are too heavy, if they irritate, if we use them in excess or do not wash out properly.

How is acne different when it comes to adults?

It has he been separated from teenage acne only recently. Nowadays, it is said that adult skin is completely different, it is subject to other changes and its problems are varied. How is acne different for adults compared to what teenagers are struggling with? Although it looks similar in appearance, there are many differences. Adult acne:

  • is rarely caused by hormonal changes,
  • does not subside after some time / at a certain age,
  • affects women rather than men,
  • appears mainly on the jawline, chin and around the mouth,
  • is in the form of permanent inflammatory changes,
  • is resistant to standard anti-acne care.

What can adults use for acne?

The last point of the above-mentioned list is very important. If you are way past your teenage years and you still cannot get rid of acne, it’s time to change the way you take care of it. At a certain age, the standard anti-acne cosmetics available in drugstores and pharmacies simply stop working. If acne has other causes, it must be treated differently. There are two options: home-made anti-acne care or specialised cosmetics and treatments.

Time for changes!

In the beginning, it’s worth changing your approach towards skin care and taking a closer look at what ingredients you provide your skin with. The probability of acne occurrence will decrease with a varied diet rich in micro- and macro elements. It is worth avoiding stressful situations and protecting the skin from the negative effects of environmental pollution such as smog. Regular cleansing and exfoliation of dead skin cells are also very important.

Adult acne – what to use?

Enzyme Peels

In some sources, we find information that forbids people affected with acne from applying scrubs, because you can spread the inflammation to further areas of the skin. It’s a mistake! Exfoliation of the epidermis is important because it is the dead cells that are deposited and are the breeding ground for bacteria that cause adult acne. However, if we decide to exfoliate, make sure to use only enzymatic peels, which are more delicate and cleanse the skin much better.

Anti-acne medicines

Adult acne treatment is similar to what adolescents must deal with. However, in this case, doctors almost immediately proceed to general treatment with antibiotics or hormones. If we are afraid that highly exfoliating preparations can dry out the skin and irritate it, anti-acne drugs are a great solution. They work from the inside and effectively fight acne from within. Important! Appropriate specifics are always prescribed by a dermatologist.

Azelaic acid

A great preparation for acne is the quite popular azelaic acid. The product is available without a prescription in pharmacies. You can get it OTC in the form of creams or gels. Why should azelaic acid be used for adult acne? Because it is a natural acid that has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and anti-seborrhoeic properties, i.e. treats all the symptoms of acne. It is not irritating at the same time.

Homemade remedies for acne

Instead of medicines and cosmetics, you can also treat acne with home-made methods. What are the proven methods for acne that can also be used by adults?


They can be used in several ways: in the form of a drink, as a bath or a mask. It is worth using yeast for acne, because it regulates the secretion of sebum and reduces the number of blackheads. Just pour hot water over a bar of fresh baking yeast, mix with milk, add oil or herbs (as desired) and then apply to the skin as a mask. Alternatively, you can try out the yeast treatment by drinking it. Continue the therapy for about a week and observe the results. Also, make sure to drink it once it cools down.

Field Pansy

It is also worth reaching for some herbs for acne. The most popular is field pansy, which positively affects the condition of the skin and minimizes acne skin lesions. Pansy reduces seborrhea, cleanses the body of toxins and regulates processes in the skin. It is enough to drink herbal tea from the pansy regularly (even 2-3 times a day) and you will forget about acne within a few weeks.

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