Modern ways of skin rejuvenation: methods, cosmetics and treatment

Frotox (Focused Cold Therapy)

It is the newest treatment used in professional aesthetic dermatology. Frotox successfully replaces botox injections, that are known for paralysing face muscles. This in turn leads to elimination of wrinkles. When it comes to Frotox, it depends on treating particular area of face skin nerve fibres with a dose of cold energy. The treatment can be conducted thanks to a special device. It is worth mentioning, the skin is deaden before the treatment. It can be stated, that wrinkles become hibernated for several months. When it comes to the outcomes, these are noticeable right after the treatment is over, skin becomes smooth, firm, fresh and radiant. Certainly, contraindications indicate people who suffers from circulatory disorders or pressure disorders as well as the ones who undergone a treatment of hyaluronic acid injections.


This beautifying treatment depends on the use of compressed oxygen that facilitates regaining youthful look of skin. And this is not all. Oxygen gas, that is at high pressure, also helps with speeding up wound healing processes. Thanks to oxybrasion, it is also possible to deliver small amounts of hyaluronic acid into dermis. The process of wrinkles smoothing due to compressed oxygen lasts approximately two hours. This beauty treatment is performed using a special airbrush-like device that does not leave any marks on skin. For that reason, the treatment can be received right before an important life event. The complete course of oxybrasion treatment lasts approximately two months and the single sessions are conducted with two or three-week breaks. The final outcome lasts for a year.

Heat-treated collagen fibres

The technique of making wrinkles freeze has been already mentioned. Therefore, now it is time for heating collagen fibres. In general, the treatment consists in warming up collagen fibres, that are already present in our skin, up to either 60 or 70 degrees Centigrade. In order to shield the face against burnings, a special gel is applied beforehand. During the treatment, collagen fibres become twisted again, skin becomes even and the wrinkles are smoothed. Last but not least, the effect of the treatment is immediate.

Plant steam cells

Plant steam cells are frequently used either as an ingredient added to care cosmetics or as a component necessary for performing various beautifying treatments. In this case, more important is what the plant steam cells produce that the plant they come from. While choosing the beauty parlour, or while buying a new cosmetic, it is advisable to pay attention towards the outcomes of the treatment and composition of the product. The most desirable ingredients (for skin rejuvenation) are flavonoids and anti-oxidants, which are the substances responsible for smoothing wrinkles and counteracting working of free radicals.


Beauty treatments that use ultrasounds are probably known to every woman. A device transmits sound waves 3 mm deep into skin. This kind of a massage generates high pressure in tissues which leads to improvement of blood circulation. This in turn influences skin firmness and facilitates wrinkles smoothing. The only contraindications are implants and acne.

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